Zziplex M4 Evo

20% more power than standard M4.

It holds the same characteristics, such as the slim diameter butt, but is loaded with power and has a fast tip recovery.

Big brother to the Zziplex Profile.

Through action.  Equal Section.

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Zziplex M4 EVO design philosophy in the tip section features a higher ratio of carbon fibre to glass content than its GT cousin, and this alters the action and recovery, but it still retains good bite indication.

The action of M4 EVO is suitable for clean, medium to medium hard ground, stormy seas and calm conditions: it is supremely versatile. The carbon tip is quick and decisive but still reacts well to rattle and indicative bites. The overall battle curve under pressure is more parabolic and the loadings through compression, in cast and retrieve, are passed quickly to the more powerful areas of the butt for distance and control.

The butt and tip are designed to work well together through clever and imaginative use of the composites. The innovative structure allows long casts with less effort as the design manages to efficiently store the energy it receives in the casting phase and release is smooth and balanced.

The designer’s long experience in building rods using a custom-made high tenacity carbon fibre with a high modulus of elasticity is very evident in this rod.

  • Equal section 50:50
  • Blank colour – Jet Black
  • CNC machined, reverse fit joint.
  • Marine grade serial # etched stainless steel trim band fitted to lower butt.
  • Factory Finish: AT Titanium K Guides configured for multiplier or fixed spool.
  • Butt and lower tip guides wrapped in Midnight black with main metallic blue underlay, white inlays and red tips. Intermediates guides wrapped in Midnight black.
  • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle.
  • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt
  • CNC machined Fuji DPS sliding reel seat with EVA caps.
  • Rubber detachable butt cap.
  • Zziplex original partition rod case.
  • Length – 13′ 4″.
  • Butt diameter 22mm.
  • Casting Ratio 100 -225g.