Fiiish Black Minnow Lure Combo No.3 12cm

Fiiish Black Minnow bodies for replacing a damaged combo Fiiish body or buying to assemble yourself.


  • EXCLUSIVE VMC® OFF SET HOOK – designed specifically for the Black Minnow®, these wide gaped, extra strong hooks provide the perfect weedless presentation and balance.
  • EXTRA SOFT AND REALISTIC BODIES – the extra soft body of the Black Minnow gives the lure a uniquely lifelike and natural swimming action with lots of vibration. A range of highly realistic colours add to the lure’s proven attraction to all types of fish.
    Casting & retrieving
    A lighter resin head ideal for fishing in shallow, heavily
    weeded and snaggy ground.
    Casting & retrieving
    A great option to fishing in shallower water from shore or boat usinga slower retrieve.
    Fast sinking jig head
    Designed with a sharper
    profile to cut into deeper
    water. Perfect for fishing a slow to medium paced sink and draw method on the bottom.
  • DEEP
    Ultra fast sinking jig head
    Designed to target fish
    in the deepest water.
    Fast sinking jig head / Bottom fishing
    The underside of this jig head sits flat on the bottom so that the lure body fishes
    at a 45° angle.
  • X-DEEP
    Ultra fast sinking jig head / Bottom fishing
    Offers the ultimate lure stability at extreme depths and in strong currents. Designed to be fished tight
    to the bottom.

Each Pack contains 1x Jig Head and 2x Bodies

This innovative weedless system is the perfect combination of jig head, lure body and hook. The head and the body of the lure are articulated which increases hook ups and greatly enhances the action.