Storm Wildeye Giant Jigging Shad Glow Tiger

Jig it deep and jig it hard; the WildEye Giant Jigging Shad is built to fish in very deep water with an array of methods.


Storm – Wildeye Giant Jigging Minnow 398g – Glow Tiger

  • Includes 1 jig head and 2 soft minnow bodies
  • Durable soft plastic with strong paddle tail action
  • Treble assist hook with channel rigging system to secure hook
  • Holographic swimming’ flash foil on head and body
  • Holographic WildEye
  • Hydrodynamic design holds fast in strong current
  • Multiple attachment points for additional rigging options.

JUST: £20.99 

Storm – Wildeye Giant Jigging Curly Tail Bodies (2x Bodies Per Pack)

The Storm WildEye Giant Jigging Curl Tail is perhaps the best sea fishing jig ever when fishing for cod, pollock and halibut in the north. Curly tails swim at the lowest speeds and is deadly effective when the fish are tough. It can be jigged/cranked at great depths or trolled in several knots in the hunt for halibut. Suitable for e.g. a. cod, pollock and halibut.

  • Based on the best seller Storm WildEye Giant Jigging Shad
  • The package contains: 2 bodies
  • Large Curl Tail
  • Length: 23 cm
  • Weight: 108 g

JUST £16.99!!!