Shakespeare Devils Own lures


Shakespeare Devils Own Range of Lures

Shakespeare Devil’s Own baits are designed with only one objective, to catch fish! Utilising modern materials and production techniques combined with Shakespeare’s history of fish catching knowledge, Shakespeare have designed a range of baits to target predators in both salt and fresh water. Realistic enticing actions and vibrant colours prove irresistible; just add water for a fantastic fishing experience.

Hellfire Worms

A tough, sandeel like imitation, with contrasting coloured tails for maximum visual attraction. The tails swimming action adds vibration when retrieved dramatically increasing the catch rate. A top lure for shore Pollack and bass, but especially effective for big cod, Pollock and coalfish when used with a slow to medium retrieve fishing over offshore reefs and wrecks.

4 worms per packet. Available in 8” and 6.1”. Available with red and yellow tails.

Hellfire Shads

With a lifelike tail wagging action they can fished off the shore for bass, pollack, coalfish and cod. Self weighted shad. These shads are equally as deadly when boat fishing for big bass, cod, pollock, ling and coalfish, either cast away from the seabed or worked into a wreck. The hook sits upright in the lure to minimise losses when fishing over structure.

Two shads per pack. Available in 6” and 4”. Available in ‘Striper”, ”Ocean Blue” and ”Red Tail” colours.

Devils Own Hellfire Squid

These 15cm squid, often called “muppets”, can be fished on two hook dropper rigs over wrecks and reefs for cod, Pollack and coalfish, but are also effective slid over fresh baits such as whole flapper mackerel or mackerel fillets for added colour and movement when targeting big bottom feeders such as congers, rays, ling and turbot. Available in Glitter Pink colour, packs of 4.6” size.

Very strong PVC – tested to resist up to 1lb stretch. Resealbale foil packaging that keeps the baits in top quality during transit.

Priced at just £3.99 per pack