Zziplex Profile GT

Evo butt section has 20% more power than standard Profile.

The tip(around 1ft) of the the top section is made from a modern fiber glass.

The glass tip is very good bite detection.

Light enough to hold for long period.

Soft through action.

Equal Sections.

Suitable for pendulum, over head or off the ground.

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Profile GT

This legendary rod is renowned for low diameter, superb power to weight ratio with a light, super sensitive glass tip. One of Terry’s masterpieces. The subtle blending of the glass upper tip into the carbon fibre makes this rod ideal for casting soft and delicate baits off the tip – long distances. When the barrel and butt is accessed with more powerful casts, it delivers impressive distances with the full range of bait and weight packages between 100grams – 180grams.

The tip works the waves well due to its sweet action. From Terry design notes – this rod favours a progressive build up in power and the mandrel tooling combined with the clever combination of composites gives an easy to use and highly responsive rod action. Custom, technical, high tenacity carbon and glass fibres are cleverly integrated into this masterpiece of rod design.

The Zziplex Profile GT design has generated legions of fans who appreciate this mobile 590gram fishing tool, that works well with both multi and fixed spool: braid or monofil.

  • Equal section 50:50
  • Blank colour – Jet Black
  • CNC machined, reverse fit joint.
  • Marine grade serial # etched stainless steel trim band fitted to lower butt.
  • Factory Finish: AT Titanium K Guides configured for multiplier or fixed spool.
  • Butt and lower tip guides wrapped in Midnight black with main metallic blue underlay, white inlays and red tips. Intermediates guides wrapped in Midnight black.
  • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle.
  • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt
  • CNC machined Fuji DPS sliding reel seat with EVA caps.
  • Rubber detachable butt cap.
  • Zziplex original partition rod case.
  • Length – 13′ 8″.
  • Butt diameter 22mm.
  • Casting Ratio 100 -180g.