Improved Ergonomic Penn Magnetic Dial

Improve your reels with our slimline and ergonomic mag dials.Made in the UK in small batches for a high quality finish. Available in black, green and pink variations. Limited stock and availability.


Available only from Reel Fun Fishing, a new and improved ergonomic magnetic dial that fits a range of PENN Fishing Magnetic Braking reels, including:
💥Penn Fathom 15 Casting Special
💥Penn Fathom 15SD
💥Penn Fathom 12SD
💥Penn 525 Mag4
💥Penn 515 Mag4
Allowing easier access than ever before when controlling the magnetic brakes. Designed to stay close to the end plate as to not interfere with line lay when winding in. Notched rim ensures good grip in wet or cold conditions.
Our supplier makes our dials in small batches to ensure a consistently high quality finish. Available in black, blue, green and pink.

Dials can be fitted at home by removing the end plate, magnets and dial retaining screw. Remove original dial, extract O ring and fit on new dial. Replace with new dial ensuring a tight fit. We would recommend greasing the O ring to ensure a watertight fit. Replace magnets and secure end plate. Please call us on 01275 848652 if you are struggling at all. We will be happy to help.

NOTE: Reels in images are not included in price. Shown for display purposes to show original and new dial fitted.