4 Way Beads, 5*8

A fantastic bead to use when creating subtle, minimalistic rigs.


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Great when using light lines in clear water; these beads feature a central hole through the middle of the bead and a hole running through the side of the bead.

The beads can be positioned with the rig body line going through the longer hole keeping the snood close to the rig body or through the shorter hole which lays the bead on its side creating a boom.

Best used with a fluorocarbon snood line; threading the line through the remaining hole and tying several figure of eight knots to create a line bulk secures the snood. For extra security, a small, crystal or seed bead can be used between the 4-way bead and the figure of eight knot.

Tronixpro 4 Way Beads are best used without crimps by using Tronixpro Rig Glue to either secure the bead in place directly or to use Tronixpro Rig Glue Tubing to act as a crimp either side of the bead.