Century Fireblade Fishing Rod

The Fireblade rods tick all the right boxes for someone who has an interest in an entry level top end rod brand but where the budget does not yet stretch to specialist models in Century sea lineup.


The Fireblade has once again been designed and manufactured in the UK to ensure the key elements in quality, materials, processing, performance and reliability. The 13 and 14 ft models offer the ultimate fishing experience and value for money.

The Fireblade series incorporates several technical benefits –

  • Proprietary carbon/glass fibre and resin composites developed from extensive experience in sea angling and 20 years of experience in creating World Record distance rods.
  • Advanced carbon fibre cutting and positioning of ply laminates coupled with optimised manufacturing techniques including curing in a computer controlled composite oven.
  • Accurate fibre placement to allow efficient energy delivering in an easy loading rod with quick recover