Asso Carp Fishing Specialist Mainline

A great range of mainline from ASSO for all of your carp fishing needs.


A range of specialist carp fishing lines to suit every occasion from Asso. Meet Asso MainLine Master, Asso MainLine Pro and Asso Sinking MainLine.

Asso MainLine Master

Product code: ASCSMM

The premium main line in the Carp Specialist range, Mainline Master is a Fluorocarbon coated Copolymer available in Green and Brown. Mainline Master offers exceptional strength to diameter, with the fluorocarbon coating giving it superb abrasion resistance and adding weight to make it sink quickly. This product is perfect for any serious Carp angler who wants to use the best tackle.


  • Fluorocarbon Coated Copolymer
  • Low Stretch
  • Maximum Strength and abrasion resistance
  • Supple for easy casting
  • Super Fast Sinking

RRP: £19.99        Our Price £14.99

Asso Mainline Pro

Product code: ASCSMP

A mid range Copolymer line offering great strength and toughness at a brilliant price. Mainline Pro is a durable long lasting line that will be a big seller because of its great value. Available in Green and Brown.


  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Mid Range Copolymer
  • Excellent Value
  • Supple and Smooth for Casting

RRP: £12.99        Our Price £9.75

Asso Sinking Mainline

Product code: ASCSSM

As the name suggests this is the heaviest, fastest sinking line in the range, it is made using a compound that is very dense, in fact it is the heaviest a copolymer can be made with current extrusion technology. Sinking Mainline has very good strength and medium Abrasion resistance. Any angler who needs their line to hug the lake bed quickly will love this line. This product is only available in Brown, however this shade of brown was chosen as the favourite line colour of over 90% of people surveyed.


  • Very Fast Sinking Line
  • Heaviest weight possible for Copolymer
  • Strong and reliable
  • Smooth Casting

RRP: £16.99       Our Price: £12.75