The Varivas Big Mouth is the No1 big bait hook for desirable species such as cod, bass, rays, smooth hounds etc. and for many anglers.


Having a medium shank and wide gap round bend the pattern lends itself to big baits such as crab,  squid, big fish baits and large worm baits. These hooks are made from standard gauge wire with a super sharp point, neat barb, small neat eye and gunmetal finish.

Description –

  • All round/big fish pattern
  • Special gunmetal finish
  • Medium Shank
  • Forged Round Bend
  • Needle point
  • Small barb
  • Neat eye
  • Well suited to worm, crab and fish baits
  • Sizes 1 to 5/0
  • 30 hooks per box
  • Made in Japan

Using these hooks you can will reduce the number of missed bites and also once a fish has taken the bait it is normally stays hooked!