Ultima Power Carp Fluorocarbon Coated Specialist


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Fluorocarbon Coated Specialist
Carp Line. 8,10,12,14lb 1000m.16lb 840m. 18lb 795m.23lb 750m. 28lb 605m.

• Unequelled Strength
• Superb Knot Strength

• Super Soft
• High Abrasion Resistance

• Direct Contact

• Superior Control
• Intelligent Stretch System

Ultima Power Carp is rapidly becoming the most respected Carp Line on the market because it is unlike any other line and has been carefully designed by the worlds most specialist line producer to do the job that the carp angler needs.

It delivers higher strength and higher knot strength than any other monofilament. It has an abrasion resistance that means it stands up to the roughest conditions with total reliability.

But most remarkably Ultima have incorporated an intelligent stretch systems which means that it has a totally different stretch profile to other monos giving it low stretch at initial power so it’s responsiveness and hooking ability approaches that of braid but when more pressure is applied it begins to stretch more, so that it gives the angler the cushion to avoid snap offs from sudden runs.

This product has been used by the winners or the Word Carp Classic in 2008, Peter Truckle and Andy Judd and in 2009 by the winners Rob Tough and James Duncan Dunlop and second place teams and Koos Walters with Bert Teuben.

There is no better Carp line.