Tronixpro Double Compartment Quiver

For the angler who needs to carry a large amount of kit with them, the Double Compartment Quiver will carry up to four rods, plus a beach shelter and a rod rest.


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It has been designed to carry all long items in one compact unit. Made from the same 600D material as our Single Compartment Quiver, it is fully padded and includes a hard-wearing reinforced base to stop wear on abrasive and sharp surfaces.

The outside of the quiver features a large, oversized half pocket and a strap which a beach shelter can be placed into. It includes outside straps with quick release buckles for strapping a rod rest. The main compartment has a near full length zip to make removing rods easier. An adjustable, padded shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry and an additional carry handle can be used if preferred.

Details –

  • Designed to carry four shore fishing rods, a beach shelter and a rod rest in a compact unit.
  • Made from tough and durable 600D material, padded to ensure rods are fully protected with a reinforced base.
  • Large external pouch designed to carry a beach shelter, quick release buckles hold a rod rest. Padding shoulder strap and carry handle for comfort.
  •  A full-length zip makes it easier for rods to be removed.
  • 145cm long