TronixPro Competition Blackout

  • Length 13′ 4”
  • Casting 100 -225gm (4-8oz)
  • Optimum 150-170gm + bait
  • Easy overhead/pendulum casting
  • Long range casting potential
  • 2 Equal Sections
  • Slim 40T Japanese carbon blank
  • Blended glass tip
  • Superb bite detection
  • Mighty Bright Eclipse tip tape for enchanced night time bite detection
  • Black Fuji KWAG guides
  • Sliding Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Japanese shrink handle
  • Shrink grip on joint
  • Rubber button
  • Weight 726gm


In stock

The Tronixpro Competition Blackout Rod has been designed as a ‘do it all’ rod for anglers look to fish clean, mixed and light rough ground venues.

The basis of the Tronixpro Competition Blackout Rod is the slim yet powerful 40T Japanese carbon blank which has the capacity to store loads of energy allow you to make long casts.

The icing on the Tronixpro Competition Blackout Rod ‘cake’ is the fantastic glass tip which Tronixpro have perfectly blended into the carbon blank. The tip helps to smooth the casting power allow the rod to load easily and then deliver the power in a smooth and controlled cast which effortlessly punches your rig out to sea.

When fishing the tip sits nicely in the tide and the bite indication is phenomenal with drop backs, pull downs and slight taps all registering on the tip.

When you hook a fish the mid and lower sections have the power and stiffness needed to play your catch and these qualities allow the rod to be used on a wide range of different marks. It also allows you to feel small fish as well as big ones so you can enjoy targeting flatties one day and then go chasing specimen rays the next day.

The tip is finished with Mighty Bright Eclipse tip tape which aids bite detection on those productive after dark sessions.

The Tronixpro Competition Blackout Rod is finished in the same high class finish as the other models in the Tronixpro Competition range so it looks as good as it fishes.