Tronixpro Beach Seat Box

Based on the popular Beta Box design concept, the number one beach fishing seat box preferred by the pleasure and match angler.


This design has been the mainstay style of tackle box used by anglers for years. Due to this popularity, several accessories and modifications have been developed over the years, when professionally fitted, they can enhance the tackle box to be the ultimate in organisation and carrying capacity.

The design is lightweight but tough, taking the original line to a different level by using tougher plastic than previous versions of the box, increasing its longevity and making sure the tackle inside is protected.

Although it’s called it a Beach Seat Box, it is a general-purpose tackle box too. This same timeless design is used by coarse and fly anglers, the perfect storage solution for all their tackle and a comfy place to sit during a session too.

The Beach Box comes with a comfy padded strap that makes life easier when walking long distances over a beach, it is also the perfect size to slide onto one of our Tronixpro Beach Trolleys. There are optional side trays available which are handy for storing bait and other close to hand accessories during a session.

Details –

  • Tried and tested design used by thousands of anglers across the UK.
  • Hugely popular, with a wide range of third-party modifications available.
  • Tougher plastic makes this one of the most durable versions of the design.
  • General purpose for all disciplines of angling.
  • Dimensions: 45 x 38 x 38 cm.
  • Available in blue and black.