Splash down™ Mould Kit With 5 Assemblies


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Splash down™ Mould Kit With 5 Assemblies
This pack contains everything to get you up and running to produce your New Gemini Splash Down™ sinkers. The concise instruction sheet, containing a step by step guide of casting techniques and guides for safety, will see you through the satisfaction of making your own weights with the minimum of fuss G1000 £25.00

Splash Down™ Mould (2 Piece Aluminium Alloy) Mould Sizing Spacer
5 Splash Down™ Bait Clip Assemblies
5 Stainless Steel Tail Wires (1 x 130, 3 x 150, 1 x 170)
5 Breakout Heads
20 Standard Stainless Steel Breakout Grips and PVC
Full Instructions