Shimano Speedmaster 14000 XSD

  • Long cast surf reel
  • X-Ship gearing for maximum efficiency
  • Ci4+ Body
  • Rigicast technology
  • Compact Parallel Body
  • Lightweight oversized rotor
  • 20kg Front drag
  • Instant drag
  • Super slow 5 oscillation
  • Aero Wrap II
  • Cold Forged Aluminium AR-C spool plus additional line reducer
  • Bearing: 4+1
  • Ratio: 4.3:1
  • Line capacity: 0.40mm x 400m
  • Weight: 625g

£159.99 (£133.33 excluding VAT)

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Shimano Speedmaster 14000 XSD features a series of upgrades to the original design. Now coming with a strong lightweight C14+ mainbody, and utilising their Rigicast technology. They also have upgraded and improved internals with Shimano’s Hagane drive gear and silent drive system.

Using the famous X-Ship gearing for maximum efficiency. With a powerful ratio of 4.3:1, it retrieves a remarkable 103cm of line per handle turn making the Shimano Speedmaster 14000 XSD ideal for long distance fishing. A slow oscillation, Aero Wrap II and a cold forged AR-C spool also make this model an excellent distance casting reel.

A Compact Performance Body means you get a big spool with a lightweight over- sized rotor. Less bulk means better casting speed and less fatigue when holding it for long periods of time waiting for that big bite.

At the heart of the Shimano Speedmaster 14000 XSD, the X-Ship bearing supported pinion gear for smooth, efficient rotation eliminates pinion tilt on the main shaft and delivers more precise meshing on the main gear.

Line capacity is a very healthy 440yds of 16lb mono and the 4.3:1 gear ratio rips in over a metre of line with each rotation of the machined aluminium handle.

Super Slow 5 Oscillation delivers more precise line lay onto the AR-C spool, which is especially important with fine diameter braids and means more efficient casting as well as better use of the reels prodigious line capacity.