Savage Minnow Weedless Tail

Make sure you keep stocked up with tails for one of our most realistic baitfish imitation soft lures, the Savage Minnow Weedless.


Both 8cm and 10cm sizes are available as well as a range of six different proven fish-catching colours. The Savage Minnow has a unique rise and stand-up jig head that ensures a perfect action – the lure comes up on the retrieve and stands up when resting on the bottom. The Pro Peg body holder makes it possible to peg the body to the head with a toothpick, creating a very simple and secure hold. The soft PVC body comes pre-rigged with a glass rattle to give the lure an extra enticing sound. Both lengths come in a pack of 5.

Details –

• Super realistic details
• Lively kicking action on retrieve and drop
• Matches the Stand up and rise jig head
• Back and Belly slot for weedless rigging
• Removeable Glass rattle in body
• Pro Peg system for effective hold
• Toothpicks supplied for Pro peg mount