ICON FXD 80 Surf Reel

Line Capacity 400/12 – 260/14 – 210/17 yds/lbs
Gear Ratio 4.9:1
Ball Bearings 10+1

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The FXD Surf reel is a stylish one, for the most part the reel is black but features gold accenting on the top lip of the spool and bail arm, further details include Icon branding on the base of the spool and FXD branding on the body of the reel. The CNC handle is lined with an EVA grip and the spool houses a rounded aluminium line clip.

· 10+1 Ball bearings
· Gear ratio 4.9:1
· Tapered aluminium spool
· Slow oscillation worm shaft
· Titanium coated line roller
· CNC handle with EVA grip