GUNKI Vista Worm 14.7cm


Gunki Vista Worms are brilliant for rig wacky, drop shot, Texan with or without weight,  whatever you prefer the Vista Worm is a classic for black bass and perch fishing.  The body is segmented with a flat back and round belly, this asymmetry lets you get the bait to dart in different ways depending on where you hook it.  The tail is more ribbed than the rest of the body so it moves more, in the water each ribbed section gives off slight vibrations that are very life like.  The Gunki Vista Worm will wriggle of its own accord just like a real worm with the body impregnated with salt so it can be cast a long way and worked back even by skipping over weeds or branches.

Impregnated with worm and salt flavouring.

  • 15 pieces per pack.
  • 4.1g lure.
  • Firecracker and Brown Oil Red Flake Colours available.