GUNKI 4” Skip worm

A high quality soft plastic worm perfect for a range of species from freshwater fish such as Perch and Trout to Saltwater species such as Bass and Flounder. Superior quality with added salt to aid in skipping over rocks, obstructions and bouncing up to the surface and back down again.


Gunki Skip Worm has been created as sometimes you need to fish right in the heart of snags and obstructions like platforms, old building foundations and bridges.  For these situations you want a Gunki Skip Worm attached to your line, as his earthworm imitation lure is particularly good at targeting any predator.  The body is ribbed with a flat section on the back for the hook point with the stomach side is rounder and helps the lure sink with a swaying motion stomach side down.  The secret to the Gunki Skip Worm is its density, the body is mixed with a high percentage of salt so it skips easily over obstructions, bouncing up to the surface and sinking down again.  Try either a Wacky rig or a Texan set up to get the worm sinking slowly, once it hits the bottom you can bounce and skip it along with little tip movements that fish find irresistible.

Boosted with a worm attractor for the ultimate attraction.

  • 8 pieces per pack.
  • 5.9g lure,
  • Firecracker and Cinnamon Colours available.