Daiwa CrossCast-S 5500

The Crosscast S will set a new standard. Never before has a Big Pit reel offered so much at such a price tag. Geared at 5.1:1 the Crosscast will eat up 108cm of line per handle turn making it perfect for big distances. The distinctive aluminium spool and matt black body cut a highly attractive look however it is the hidden presence of features such as Digigear and quality BB’s combined with the worm gear enhanced Crosswrap line lay and our Twist Buster that deliver the impressive performance.


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Daiwa Crosscast S Reel Daiwa has been revolutionising reel design since the company first began over 60 years ago. This Crosscast S Reel is the latest in this legacy of innovation and it looks set to raise the bar for the angling industry worldwide. A classic big pit in many respects, this reel features many of the hidden extras that you will have come to expect from a Daiwa reel. The first of these that you will notice is the crosswrap line laying system, from which the Crosscast gets its name. This is a unique technology which cross-wraps the line on the spool. This has multiple benefits as it not only avoids line dig in but it also increases line pick up – giving you an incredible casting distance. The Crosscast S also features Digigear, Daiwa’s patented digital gearing system that optimises speed, torque, and durability. In many reels the mesh between the tough alloy-treated drive gear and the pinion gear (in this case constructed from marine bronze) is not true and as such the reel does not perform at the top end of its ability. Digigear ensures these two components mesh together perfectly each time. The reel itself is geared at 5.1:1, allowing it to consume 108cm of line with each handle turn. Twistbuster, Daiwa’s patented line roller, is fitted as standard and ensures that line twist is reduced to a minimum as well as significantly increasing the lifespan of your line by reducing the friction between the line and the roller. The whole system is powered by Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings. Not only do these ball bearings ensure the reel glides in your hands but they also reduce the friction between the internal components of the reel. This also increases the lifespan of the reel as it is more resistant to standard wear and tear. If you’re an angler who is looking for all the functionality of a Basia without the price tag, this could be the reel to revolutionise your carp fishing career.


  • Aluminium spool
  • Digigear
  • Twistbuster
  • Crosswrap
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • T-shape handle knob
  • Advanced Locomotive Level wind
  • Ratio: 5.1:1
  • Weight: 22.4oz
  • Ball Bearings: 3


  • Model: CCS5500
  • Ratio: 5.1:1
  • Weight (ozs):  22.4
  • B/B: 3
  • Line Capacity: 265m-20lbs