Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD-OT

Producing reels since 1955, the Japanese brand, Daiwa has been contributing to the angling market for over 60 years with the ethos to create the finest quantity fishing equipment on the market. Daiwa still aims to produce the most technically advanced fishing equipment in the world. This is an aim that is routinely met, and Daiwa is a world leader in coarse, carp, sea, and predator fishing products.

The Daiwa 20 Emblem is the golden edition of big pit carp reels. The update of the Daiwa 19 Emblem 45 SCW QD, the Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD-OT offers a retro one-touch handle as well as the exclusive gold reel that is bound to make heads turn at the bank. The folding handle is perfect for anglers that love to keep their rods close together.

This Daiwa reel really means business with its host of impressive features that it shares with the generation of SCW Emblem reels. The Daiwa 20 Emblem has 45 in its name to indicate the 45mm spool, an optimum long cast profile size which employs reduced oscillation speed named Slow Cross Wrap. This results in excellent line lay that is going to run great through the guides of your rod.

Using a reduced oscillation speed means not only enhanced line lay but a lower consumption of casting energy during line release. When combined with the friction-reducing double lip of the LC (long cast) spool, casting distance can be increased by more than 5%!

The retrieval is geared at 4.9:1 ratio but this still cranks up to 104cm per handle turn making reeling in that fish to your net a smoother process. The Gold Daiwa 20 Emblem mimics the classic Tournament SS2600 and SS1600 reels whilst still keeping the modern touch with the Daiwa QD quick drag spool cap and High Impact Line Clip.

If that was not enough, the Daiwa Emblem reel also features Daiwa’s Air Rotor and Digigear II technology whilst nicely finished with the more classic and natural Daiwa look of the wooden handle knob. The Daiwa 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD-OT come with one spare spool, the shallow C spool holds 300 meters of 0.35 diameter line and the long-distance spool that is on the reel holds 530 meters of 0.35 diameter line.

For a big pit reel that is bound to strike gold at your fisheries, consider the 20 Emblem 45 SCW QD-OT from Daiwa.

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Key Features

  • 45mm LC long cast Gold Spool
  • Slow Cross Wrap
  • QD Quick drag
  • HIP-High Impact Line Clip
  • One Touch folding handle
  • Features wooden knob
  • Air Rotor
  • Digigear II
  • Supplied with a spare spool