Century Fireblade GT Fishing Rod

The Fireblade GT features:

  • Butt -multi-phase high tensile carbon composite with 3K-3K upper sheath twill cut at 45* bias.
  • Tip – reverse fit joint and sensitive glass tip with superb bite detection.
  • Computer-controlled proprietary oven cure technology.
  • Matt black coated, stainless steel Delta forward sloping, anti-tangle guides.
  • Guides set in hybrid configuration for fixed spool or multiplier use.
  • Marine grade etched stainless steel trim band – upper butt.
  • Tied in red metallic tips(butt) and Jet-Black grade A grade thread with multi coats of high build.
  • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle.
  • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt.
  • Equal sections – tip and butt.
  • Century Fuji moveable reel seat (size 24) and EVA caps.
  • Supplied in Century cloth rod bag.


The Fireblade rod series has received very positive feedback for its outstanding value and fishing qualities over the last few years. We also received requests from owners and Century Sea Team for a GT (Glass Tip) version where the emphasis required a design that offered a variation in the level of bite sensitivity, specifically for anglers that look for this feature in their fishing strategies. The alterations have been made particularly in the upper quadrant of the rod and balanced throughout the rest of the rod’s deflectional curve.

The design brief also follows in the footsteps of the original and highly desirable Fireblade: it had to be designed and manufactured in UK. This was to ensure the key elements in quality, materials, processing, performance and reliability could be controlled in our factory in England. Thereafter, the very best performance, with value for money and proven capability, figured highly in the design and processing criteria.

The Fireblade GT incorporates several technical benefits:

  • Proprietary carbon/glass fibre and resin composites developed from extensive experience in sea angling and 20 years of experience in creating World Record distance rods.
  • Advanced carbon/glass fibre cutting and positioning of ply laminates coupled with optimised manufacturing techniques including curing in a computer controlled composite oven.
  • Accurate carbon/glass fibre placement to deliver an easy loading rod with superb bite detection.

The Fireblade GT rods tick all the right boxes for someone who has an interest in an entry level top end rod brand but where the budget does not yet stretch to specialist models in Century sea lineup. The Century name stands for performance, proven by our 40+ year UK manufacturing history and the Fireblade GT series will certainly impress new owners.