Breakaway Adjustable Crimp Tool

Designed to be used with the Breakaway Adjustable Crimps this tool crimps laterally and centrally thus applying an even crimp along the length of the crimp, so no more serrating your traces!


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This new tool crimps length ways in a neat controlled way allowing the adjustable crimp to be virtually locked or to a lesser degree so the the crimp can be moved to suit the trace design. The crimping tool is unique because it applies pressure along the crimp (axially) not across (radially) as ordinary pliers and crimping tools do. This allows the pressure to be set far more accurately over a wider range. In combination with Breakaway’s own crimps it means that the trace line will not be nipped and weakened.

You will get the crimping tool along with 20 crimps and rubber inserts but may only be used with the new soft adjustable crimps .