AXIA Surf Pro 4000

A superb budget reel. This reel really knocks competitors in the same budget out of the park. Solid construction and just £32.99!! A winner for sure.

£32.99 (£27.49 excluding VAT)

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  •  A good quality reel that is ideal for the occasional angler or the beginner who wishes to start their sea angling life with a sensible priced reel.
  • The 4.9:1 retrieve ratio gives it a good pickup, so it can retrieve line at a good speed, useful when fishing at distance.
  • A precise drag system helps the angler control any large running fish, with a pinpoint accurate dial that can set the drag to a minute level.
  • Each reel features 5+1 stainless steel bearings and a graphite body which makes it corrosion resistant, ideal for sea fishing.