17511 Stinger Surface Pup 95F (Floating)


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17511 Stinger Surface Pup 95F (Floating)

A top-water lure whose deep-profile kicks water away, as its ‘side-to-side’ action mimics a crippled bait-fish, trying to escape. This surface disturbance, coupled with the rattle and vibration of the internal steel balls, is irresistible to bass feeding near the surface. One of the most versatile lures in the range the Stinger Surface Pup sits ‘head-up’ in the water, so can be ‘popped’ with a sharp twitch of the rod. With sharp, ‘tip-down’ rod jerks, it can be made to walk just under the surface.

Length: 95mm

Weight: 14g

Depth: Floating

All models in the Stinger Plug range are available in the 4 most realistic, natural colours. The Blue & Green Mackerel need no introduction and imitate the most prolific bait-fish in the sea and one bass love to feed on. The ultra-realistic colours of the Gold/Ivory model, represent Sandeel or small Pollack, while the Orange/ Gold model mimics small Pouting – a bass favourite! Fitted with quality VMC Treble Hooks throughout.