17504 Stinger Venom Shad ST


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17504 Stinger Venom Shad ST

The ultra-soft body material and slim profile provide total flexibility for a realistic, enticing movement through the water. A thin base and long ‘split-tail’ add to the effect and are designed to create natural and life-like vibrations that drive predatory fish crazy!

Dual-poured to give a contrasting dark back and pearlescent or clear glitter belly. Add 3D epoxy eyes and you have one of the most realistic shads on the market.

A deep ‘hook-slot’, the full length of the belly, adds further flexibility and allows a weedless hook to sit neatly when fishing the lure Texas style or with ‘drop-shot’ or Carolina rigs. Fished with our Stinger Jig-heads, the Venom Shad ST comes to life and will attract the attention of any predatory fish in the vicinity.

Length / Weight: 13cm (5”) / 9g

Colours: Black/Green Glitter (BG), Copper/Pearlescent (CP),

Green Glitter/Pearlescent (GP)