Zziplex Primo Syncro

13′ 2” – 5 – 7oz 2 Sections The primo Syncro is a classic heavy ground fishing rod.


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The all carbon blank has a progressive action which allows easy casting with a wide range of styles including pendulum, OTG and even the stunted Overhead style often dictated when fishing from rock ledges. The Primo Syncro was our top selling Zziplex when we stocked them in the early 2000s and it had a cult following with anglers fishing the Bristol Channel and other mixed ground marks. It sits nicely in the tide and has plenty of power to handle large fish in strong tides. The Syncro is a classic cod rod but it is just as popular with anglers who regularly target rays and hounds.
It works well with Fixed Spool or Multiplier reels and if you like to use both types a hybrid build gives you an excellent all-round rod.

Zziplex blanks are hand crafted in the UK using the best material available. Their skills and knowledge of working with different types of carbon and glass cloth allow them to produce rods which give the angler the ultimate in casting and fishing performance. Each model is designed to perform perfectly and help to enhance your angling enjoyment.

Zziplex Fully built at VMO

Our fully built Zziplex rods are professionally finished to a very high standard by Ian McLean of Somerset Custom Rods. The guides are Fuji CCKWAG and they are whipped in black with metallic red and silver tipings. The Butt guide and first intermediate on the tip are also under whipped in metallic blue with silver centre banding. The Butt guide has additional faded red banding to give it a classy and distinctive look. There are additional whipping on either side of the spigot.
All whippings are double coated with high quality epoxy to give a smooth and strong finish. The Zziplex logo is also coated with epoxy for added gloss and protection

The handle is covered with Zziplex shrink tube and is fitted with an adjustable reel seat and butt cap.

The tip is deliberately left bare but a pack of reflective tape is included to allow you to fit tip tape to the style which you prefer.

The rod is built to multiplier specification with 8 x guides plus matching tip.

Details for home rod building

Zziplex recommended guide spacing – All distances are in inches from the tip – * (from top of butt section)

5 – 11 – 18 – 26 – 35 – 48 – 66 – 6*

Fixed Spool
8 – 20 – 36 – 56 – 81

Details – 

  • Length 13’ 2’’
  • Casting 5 – 7oz
  • Optimum 170gm plus bait
  • Premium all carbon blank
  • Carbon tip
  • Good bite detection
  • Progressive action
  • Slim construction
  • 2 sections – 7′ 6” tip – 6′ butt
  • Slim and light weight
  • Superb all round rod
  • Suitable for all casting styles
  • Easy to load
  • Designed for general fishing on mixed or light rough beaches
  • Capable of casting long distances
  • Made in the UK”