Ultima power carp XR


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Xtreme Range
High Strength
High Abrasion Resistance
Super Soft

Two parameters have defined the development strategy of Power Carp® XR, maximum casting range and maximum abrasion resistance. These two characteristics that have been impossible to combine until now.

Drawing of the expert advice of one of carp fishing’s most renowned casters, Mark Hutchinson, as well as many of the other members of the Ultima Team, Power Carp® XR incorporates the latest super copolymers and advanced production techniques to give you a line of incredible smoothness and softness that will achieve maximum range with minimum effort.

New materials and technologies have played a major part in the other remarkable leap forward delivered by Power Carp® XR. A revolutionary aluminium based component has been built in to the line and this has seen abrasion resistance more than double compared with the best other line out there, Power Carp®. As an idea of how far we have come, for years the original Sufix Synergy was considered by many to have the best abrasion resistance around. Today in abrasion tests Power Carp® XR will last 4 times longer than Synergy and 10 times longer than any other normal Carp line.

Power Carp® XR is the most remarkable combination of softness and toughness that the line market has ever seen.

Produced in silt grey