Ultima Hyper Link Pro


In stock (can be backordered)

Possibly the most advanced rig material yet, Hyper Link is a unique hybrid hook link utilising Ultima’s superb Power Link pure fluorocarbon as a core with a super braid covering. Lays flat on the bottom and can be adapted to make rigs of any combination, stiff, supple or both. This is the future of hook link material and it can be used to make any rig you ever wanted. Duotone green camo fleck.

“Fed up of coated hook links and how they perform under stress??? Look no further than this little gem, there is no coating what so ever to go wrong. This is the future for carp rigs. Take an ultra thin but yet strong braid put 100% fluorocarbon through its core and bingo. What you have got is an incredible hook link with endless rig permutations that will never let you down. Whether you want a hinged stiff rig with absolutely no knots or just an anti tangle basic carp rig that you can again this product will deliver. It comes in two superb colours to blend in with weed or gravel or in fact most carp fishing situations. To sum it up Hyper link is a hook length that has a fast sink rate, no coating to get frustrated with, endless rig permutations that doesn’t tangle. For me it’s a no brainer.”
Steve Renyard