Shimano Fishing Twin Power SW XG

The new TWIN POWER SW challenges the impossible head on.



Rod transport length 72cm. Rod length 4.25m Guide ceramic Hardlite No of guides9, Casting weight 225g Commercial blank material nameXT60+BiofibreRod packing material Cloth bag It takes years of SHIMANO Big Game knowledge and experience, combines it with unrivalled engineering and delivers it in one amazing reel. Containing many of the features found on the Stella SW, considered by many to be the world’s most advanced big game reel, TWIN POWER SW has the strength to cope with unrelenting battles from large offshore game fish, whilst retaining the sophistication and finesse to maximise fishing performance and enjoyment. HAGANE Body, HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP and Silent Drive refinement combine to increase winding performance and smoothness, X-Shield and X-Protect offer unsurpassed water protection and Heat Sink Drag inspires fish-playing confidence in the most extreme situations. In the world of extreme big game fishing you need a reel that will meet your expectations, in the heat of the battle. A reel which is stronger, smoother and immensely powerful. You need the new TWIN POWER SW.

Details –

  • Body Material –  Aluminium (X-Shield)
  •  Bearings – 10+1
  •  Family Type –  Spinning
  •  No Extra Spool
  •  Spool Material – Cold Forged Aluminium
  •  Waterproof Drag – X-Shield
  •  Screw In Machined Aluminium Single Handle+Ci4+ Round Knob