Sea Scenter Leads 5oz


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Sea Scenter – The ultimate sea feeder? We’ve all had attempts at coming up with the perfect Sea Feeder and some have come close and some haven’t – but almost none of them have made it into production! Until now that is. The Sea Feeder’s strong construction is unbelievable, the industrial strength nylon mesh used on the main body isn’t just hard – it’s rock solid. The system is designed to take any of the Gemini Fixed Grip and Breakout assembly, making this Sea Swimfeeder System ideal for both Shore and Uptiding.

Those anglers that are lucky enough to have already used the swimfeeder all have different ideas about the ‘secret contents’ – these range from a fish based paste, frozen minced squid & cuttle and groundbait mixes.

Freeze a minced mix into film canisters with a thin stick upright in the middle. Once frozen remove the stick but keep the mix in the canister until needed – obviously you want a cool box to keep them frozen, using a double patting system you can recharge the feeder quickly again and again [Simply clip the feeder from the rig and drop in] The frozen mix will release slowly creating a huge scent trail.