Rapala Saltwater X-Rap Magnum Divebait 15

The Magnum divebait 15 is a trolling lure which works down to about 15′.



The large diving vane helps to get the lure down quickly and gives it stability even when trolling at speeds up to 13kt. The tight wobbling action draws the fish in and with the lure travelling at speed the fish often strike hard before their ‘prey’ gets away from them. Strong hooks allow you to target big fish both at home and overseas.

Details –
• Length 12cm
• Weight 32gm
• Swim Depth – 15′
• Massive diving-lip takes the X-Rap® Magnums deep… unassisted
• X-Rap® Magnums® run perfect right out of the box, no wasted time tuning
• Nothing to hinder the action
• Run up to 13 knots for big game fish worldwide
• Textured translucent body
• Internal holographic foil
• 3D holographic eyes
• Built saltwater tough
• 3X split rings
• 4X VMC® Perma Steel hooks