Nomura Senshi Fixed Spool Reel 3000 FD


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Senshi is not just a tool, it is a piece of highly advanced technology that combines functionally with fashion, but you only need to fish with it to understand the real high quality performance of the reel. This “warrior” (which is the meaning of the Japanese word “Senshi”) is entirely made of metals instead of the usual graphite, for this reason it is extremely lightweight and yet very strong.

9 stainless steel long life Japanese ball bearings combined with 1 roller bearing controlling the one–way clutch system, it has a super strong drive gear and all enclosed under the aluminium cover. The aluminium rotor designed with the latest 3D computer software is perfectly balanced without the addition of external weights so one can obtain better stabilization of the gears and avoid a swing in the spool.

The B.L.R. Anti-twist roller system with a thick hollow ball, reduces dramatically any line twisting at every turn of the handle and also the wearing of the line. The reel is developed with two aluminium machine cut spools, high quality handle cups, a soft EVA ergonomic handle knob and the drag is assembled with a large carbon washer, entirely sealed.

•Stainless steel body
•Aluminium frame and rotor
•CNC aluminium ultra lightened spool
•Spare aluminium spool
•9+1 SS Japanese bearings system
•Advanced One Way Clutch
•Carbon washers micrometric drag
•Anti twist power roller
•Oversized hollow bail arm
•Advanced computer balanced rotor
•Stainless steel ultra lightened handle
•Ergonomic carbon / EVA knob