Marukyu Isome Worm XL Pink


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New from Marukyu, the japanese bait masters, these fantastic artificial sandworm baits are a superb addition to any saltwater lure fishers arsenal.

The supremely versatile worms are available in a range of colours and sizes, with their extremely lifelike bodies and action proving irresistable fished in a range of methods, from simple bait rigs, to fished with fine jigheads, to even being fished ‘wacky’ style hooke in the middle.
Add to this the signature range of flavours and additives present in each worm, and you have one absolutely deadly bait!

Isome worms are also made from biodegradable materials, so while a very durable bait in use, any you lose in a session won’t harm the environment in the long term. They’re even friendly on the angler with their sweet scent!