Mainline Pro-Activ Pineapple Activator


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Mainline Pro-Activ Pineapple Activator

The Pro-Active Pineapple activator is a subtle blend of enhancers and attractors.

Following the phenomenal success of the High-Visual pineapple pop-ups and being put under immense pressure to produce a food source, pineapple bait. We came up with this highly effective sweet smelling additive which compliments the dedicated food source base mix.

Again easy to roll and we recommend you do not add any other flavourings. Real popular winter bait.

Natural in colour with a sweet, creamy, pineapple taste and smell, the bait is made with ingredients exclusive to Mainline Baits to ensure that there is no other bait like it.

The recipe 500grams pro activ pineapple & 15ml pro activ pine activator.

Mainline Pro-Activ Pineapple Activator