Kinetic Crazy Daisy 400 g 270 mm Lively Gaddus


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The Kinetic Magic Minnow Crazy Daisy Sea Fishing Lure is one of the best and most effective sea fishing lure on the market today. The results have been extraordinary, and now they’ve arrived at Taskers Angling, all the way from Scandinavia!
Sea anglers all over Scandinavia are exited and enchanted by the Magic Minnow Seafishing lures. Field-testing of new products is done by professional sea fishing guides as well as our Kinetic test team. Time and time again these guys prove the magic of these lures by catching an impressive number of huge Atlantic halibuts, monster size cods and other record size fishes swimming in the North Sea.
From the very beginning this jig was intended to have a maximized movement and swimming pattern when fished at slow speed. When jigging for halibut and huge cods this will give any sea angler a great advantage and far better odds of succeeding when the big fishes are tricky and hard to tease. A PE braid assist hook rig and two different bodies are included.
The curltail is used for a smooth, wormlike swimming action _ even at the slowest speed — and the paddletail gives a wounded-panicking-fish-action that is extremely appealing to big predators. On our first prototypes the body shape and profile was based on the look of juvenile saithe (Pollachius virens) — a common food source for big fish along the coast of Norway.
Still the purpose was to improve the movement and test and find every possible change in shape, size and weight distribution that would aid in this. We believe we succeeded and so does the experienced guides from Nordic Sea Angling who assisted us in testing it on some really big fish…