Electro Samson Digital Hand-held Hanging Scale

This modern sharp looking scale offers all the qualities of a traditional hanging balance with the simplicity, convenience and accuracy of digital scale.



Ideal for use in a wide range of general applications from sports fishing, poultry weighing, seed and animal feed preparation, health & safety audits for safe lifting and to identify used or partially discharged fire extinguishers.

Features –

  • Capacities available: 10 kg (22 lb); 25 kg (55 lb) and 45 kg (99 lb)
  • Reliable and fast with repeatable accurate weigh readings
  • Suspended or Handheld with easy to read angled display
  • Single or double handed scale grips (comes standard with a robust aluminum double hand grip handle ideal for heaver lifting
  • Portable and lightweight with carrying pouch
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Angled LCD display with 15mm high digits makes reading the display fast and easy without the need to bring the scales up to eye level
  • Switchable units kg- lb-lb-oz
  • Battery powered using a 9V (supplied)
  • Auto off feature helps prolong battery life
  • 100% Tare
  • Built in Hold feature to quickly capture accurate repeatable weigh readings
  • Animal averaging calculation provides accurate repeatable weight even if the animal is moving around
  • Tough durable ABS case housing with separate 2 handed aluminum grip handle
  • 1 Year warranty