Ecogear Power Shad Strong Pearl 6″ Pack 4


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The Marukyu Power Shad Strong certainly lives up to its name. This soft, paddle tailed eel type lure is amazingly strong, take hold of each end of the lure, pull for all you are worth and it is doubtful you will be able to break it. This elongated soft lure is incredibly versatile and has endless applications. Fished weed less behind a lead head or by itself, rigged drop shot style or simply used as a lure on a traditional flying collar type trace when wrecking, the Power Shad Strong will do it all. The special body design makes the lure achieve maximum vibration in the water at the slowest retrieval speed. It swims well on the surface with a ‘no sinker’ rig for sight fishing and it is easy to make a long cast due to the special ECOGEAR heavy soft plastic material and center of gravity of the lure design
Available in two different sizes and four different colours.