Drennan Series 7 Margin Carp 8.5m

The Drennan Series 7 Margin Carp is a quality 8.5m pole with bags of strength and power.


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It is ideal for margin fishing and close-range pole work for carp and quality fish on commercials. It also makes a quality, affordable ‘starter pole’ for anyone interested in getting into pole fishing.

This six-sec­tion 8.5m pole only weighs 680g on average and is fully take-apart. The top kits are 2.5m long (just over 8ft), so plenty long enough for the depth of most com­mer­cial fisheries and also long enough to allow plenty of elastic through the whole kit if required.

The Series 7 Margin Carp is pre-bushed with a large Bungee Bush, so it can be used straight from the bag with elastics up to Yellow Carp Bungee or equivalent. The uncut tip will also acco­modate a 2.6mm Super Slick internal PTFE bush if that type is preferred. When using elastics above this size, we recommend trimming the tip back slightly further to fit a larger PTFE bush. Even when using elastics such as Red Carp Bungee or equivalent, trimming back is minimal.

The action of the pole is deliberately designed so it bends when under pressure, so each sec­tion gradu­ally blends with the next when playing large carp. This playing action, coupled with the elastic, really absorbs the lunges of powerful fish, helps to subdue them quickly and also helps to reduce hook pulls or line breakages.

A spare top two kit is also supplied.

Package –

  • 8.5m pole including power top 2 kit
  • Spare power top 2 kit
  • Pre-bushed kits

Features – 

  • 8.5m
  • Six sec­tions
  • Strong, light and rigid
  • Ideal for margin fishing and close-range open water work
  • Supplied with a spare power top 2 kit
  • Fully take-apart
  • Weighs 620g at full length
  • Pre-bushed kits
  • Rated to Drennan Red Carp Bungee and equivalent
  • Cupping kit available separately