Daiwa Sealine 30x SHA


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Daiwa 20SHA Sealine Slosh XA Multiplier Reel. Power, speed and distance are all available in the shape of these new Sealine X multipliers. Incredibly free running thanks to the innovation of Speed Shaft their ‘free floating spool’ detaches from the gear and spins on its own shaft and dedicated bearings.

The 20 and 30 are made for the shore, distance work with even heavyweight gear and at sea where the ground is rough. Topping the range is the 40 with a mammoth crank rate of 114cm of line per handle turn and will be the match of any Tope or fast diving Pollack.

All models offer a swift 6.1:1 retrieve, host 3 CRBBs and have a waterproof drag.

•Super Speed Shaft
•Selectable, centrifugal braking
•3 CRBB bearings
•Waterproof high performance drag
•Super-strong aluminium spool
•Strong, lightweight composite frame and side plates
•Balanced aluminium handle
•Steel rod clamp included

Capacity 320m / 15lb
Bearings 3CRBB
Weight 439g
Ratio 6.1:1