Bait-Tech Super Seed Hemp 2.5lt Jar


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One of the all time greatest baits for attracting and holding fish in a swim. Bait-Tech Super Seed is not only the largest grain, but is also the highest grade available.

Cooked in the can for sealed-in freshness meaning all of the seeds remain coated in their natural, oily fish-pulling goodness. SUPER SEED is completely preservative-free and ready to use straight from the can.

Also available in Chilli or Garlic flavours all prepared in the same preservative-free way and infused with either real chilli’s or small pieces of garlic clove to produce hot hemp that fish love. Natural Super Seed available in 350g tins or 2.5L jars. Chilli or Garlic flavoured Super Seed available in 710g tins or 2.5L jars.