Anyfish Anywhere Match Pro 13ft 7″

The all new, 2 equal piece slim blank (just 24mm in diameter at the handle) has a lighting fast J-Curve action, rated from 125-175g, with a sensitive yet forgiving tip that shows the smallest of knocks from wary fish and allows use of the most delicate baits at ranges other rods just can’t compete with.


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The powerful middle does the work of providing a rock solid fishing platform and masses of power when the going (and the ground) gets rough and tough. The ultra rigid butt section secretes simply unbelievable reserves of power to enable you to hit massive distances, time after time. As you would expect, the rod is furnished with top-of-the-range Fuji BMNAG Alconite Guides, a Fuji DPS Winch Fitting, classy black and red tipped whippings, a custom partitioned cloth bag and a Japanese shrink rubber handle.

Details –

  • Designed for use with a multiplier
  • Built to catapult bait to the horizon with 175gm lead being its favourite casting weight
  • The tip is fast and delivers a lead beautifully using the mid-section of the tip to hold it all together and give crispness and speed under load
  • It is designed to complement the tide when sat in the stand and sits perfectly between 45 and 90 degree when the tide is in full flow