Anyfish Anywhere Four&Bait Mk2 Fixed or Multiplier Options

The Four&Bait is a proper beachcaster but the action has been softened down to allow you to get maximum performance from lighter sinkers.



They make a great ‘fun’ rod for those occasions when you can get away with lighter leads and tackle so as to maximise your fishing enjoyment.
The through action tip really whips away a 4oz lead but still cushions soft baits and also gives fantastic bite indication. The structured mid and butt sections combine well with the softer tip to give the rod very easy to use progressive power which allows you to cast really good distances.
The Four&Bait range make lovely rods for estuary work, open beach bass fishing and clean ground codling and hounds.
They are fitted with Fuji rings throughout, adjustable screw winch and diamond wrap shrink.