Akios S-Line 656 CSM


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S-Line 656 Series
The S-Line 656 series has been especially designed to suit the very demanding world of beach and shore fishing that requires absolute precision and finest tolerances to enable to cast, brake and retrieve the lead and baits of the angler.

S-Line 656CSM
The S-line 656 CSM is the entire above but with the added feature of an adjustable magnetic braking system adjustable by a chrome knobby on the left side plate and can be adjusted before or during the cast and appeals to those who still prefer to have a level wind.

• Carbon Multi Disc Drag System for Optimal Drag
• Brass Anti-Corrosion Chromed Side Plates
• 2 Stainless Bearings in the Spool
• Machined Brass Gears
• Synchronised Level-Wind (CS Model)
• Stainless Steel Power Handle
• Corrosion Resistant IAR Bearing
• Line Out Alarm
• High Torque Winding Power
• Mag/Centrifugal Brake System
• Open top CT frame
The ultimate shore casting reel. Proven durability corrosion resistant bearings and Multi
Disc Carbon Drag System. CS or CT frames, Centrifugal and Magnetic casting brakes.