17513 Stinger Shallow Minnow 120S (Sinking)


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17513 Stinger Shallow Minnow 120S (Sinking)

The Stinger Shallow Minnow is a sinking minnow jerk bait designed with bass in mind. The enticing action, coupled with the built-in ‘rattle’, attracts bass from a wide area and prompts a bite. Fish this slowly over shallow ground pausing every so often. The fluttering action as it sinks, closely mimics a dying baitfish, to trigger an attack.

Length: 120mm

Weight: 16g

Depth: Sinking 0 – 1m+

All models in the Stinger Plug range are available in the 4 most realistic, natural colours. The Blue & Green Mackerel need no introduction and imitate the most prolific bait-fish in the sea and one bass love to feed on. The ultra-realistic colours of the Gold/Ivory model, represent Sandeel or small Pollack, while the Orange/ Gold model mimics small Pouting – a bass favourite! Fitted with quality VMC Treble Hooks throughout.