17506-15 Stinger Venom Shad PT 6 inch


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17506 Stinger Venom Shad PT

This new Paddle Tail (PT) Shad is dual-poured in super-soft plastic to provide a realistic, twin colour back and belly and has life-like 3D epoxy eyes, as a ‘trigger-point’ to predatory fish.

A recess around the rear of the body, coupled with a thin base to the paddle-tail, ensures the tail gives a tantalising action and vibration, even with the slowest of retrieves. The belly has a full-length ‘hook-slot’, into which a weedless hook will sit, neatly when fishing the lure Texas style or with ‘dropshot’ or Carolina rigs. Alternately, fish it with a Stinger Jighead to emit strong attractive signals even on the descent.

Length / Weight: 15cm (6”) / 19.5g

Colours: Copper/Pearl (CP), Gold/Pink Glitter (GP),

Green/Silver Glitter (GS), Orange/Lime (OL),