17505-115 Stinger Slider 4.5 inch


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17505 Stinger Slider

The super lifelike Slider lure closely resembles our common Sandeel – the ultimate quarry for predatory fish such as Cod, Pollack and in particular Bass.

The super-soft body is dual-poured to give a different colour back and belly and has life-like 3D epoxy eyes, as a ‘trigger-point’. Two panels of multiple ribs around the underside, provide added vibrations and flexibility, for a realistic, erratic action which imitates a dying, struggling baitfish. These baits come to life with minimum rod action, to provoke hard strikes from predatory fish.

The lure can be rigged Texas style or with ‘drop-shot’ or Carolina rigs and jerk fished to impart an amazing action. Otherwise fish it with a Stinger Jig-head and bump it along the bottom, to imitate an escaping sandeel or the lure can be fished static, using a ‘dead sticking’ technique. The options are endless.

Length / Weight: 11.5cm (4.5”)

Colours: Copper/Pearl (CP), Clear/Silver Glitter (CS),

Black/Silver Glitter (BS), Black Glitter (BG), Red/Gold Glitter (RG)