17503 Stinger Wax-Worm


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17503 Stinger Wax-Worm

A realistic ‘worm’ pattern, made in a sinking density plastic and a slightly firmer texture than the other soft-baits, to imitate our common lug-worms. The potential for these little baits is huge, as there isn’t a species of fish found in our waters that won’t eat a worm.

The tapered body is ridged with small ribs, all the way to the tail. Not only does this create a natural vibration that resonates through the water, but the ridges trap small air bubbles, which are released as the lure bumps along the bottom, for even greater realism. The ultra-slim tail vibrates in the water either ‘on the drop’ or when ‘twitched’ to help provoke an attack. The flat ‘head’ is perfect for rigging a jig-head, but also try these Texas style, or with drop-shot or Carolina rigs. A great worm pattern, adaptable to any situation.

Length / Weight: 11cm (4.25”) / 8g

Colours: Tan Glitter (TG), Olive Glitter (OG), Black Glitter (BG)