11′ – Anyfish Anywhere Lure & Bait Rod MkII


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Length: 11′ Casting weight: 25 – 65 grams

Weight: 210 grams Rings: silicon carbide guides

The lastest mrk 2 versions are our new editions to the very popular ’&Bait’ range of blue rods. They are sea fishing rods through and through and unlike our beach rods, these have been designed for the lighter and more fun aspect of sea fishing.

They have been designed with the mainpurpose to produce five fun rods to use for styles of fishing as in its name of spinning and lure fishing and bait fishing. This sentence makes no sense. But in the lighter format, this can be done by forms of float fishing with live or dead baits, and is even good for light touch ledgering styles when the time requires them.

Each of the five rods have their own unique style, but are still part of a family, which we produced to mostly help and suit you in your days fishing.

Bass, Mullet, Wrasse, Mackerel, Garfish, Pollock, Scad, Bream, Flounders, and dare we say it squid!

11’ = 25-65 gram Spinning, live and dead baits, mullet fishing, float fishing, light ledger

Slowest through action rod of the series, but it still has plenty of life. It’s also the most powerful rod in the series, so ideal for casting bigger baits when float, freeline or dead-bait fishing for bigger fish. T

he powerful mid section should help overcome even the biggest of your target species and its through action will help in NOT pulling hooks.

This should be matched up with a 5000 – 6000 size fixed spool or bait-runner style reel or a 6500 size multiplier.

Trying to design 5 rods to do basically anything fun fishing-wise in the summer, is not as easy as it seems. So as always, we work with a multitude of people to try to get the best over view on our sampling. And they don’t come much better than Mick Ward from Jersey and Cian from Ireland.

Both have been at the forefront of lure and light style fishing over the last 5 years. I’m pleased to say that this level of knowledge runs in the family and there’s no better way of getting an honest answer than to work with kids!

So we were pleased to hear his nephew found the rods up to scratch christening them with polack scad and this huge garfish while staying on the island last year.